The Embassy




Wine is at the heart of everything

We offer a luxurious and beautiful home for winelovers, founded by winelovers and made for winelovers. Here you will meet other national and international winelovers and Ambassadors.

Pierre promises contemporary luxury, great 5 star hospitality and comfort for busy and active people – with the bonus of drinking world gorgeous finest and rarest wines from all over the world, served directly from the extensive cellar of Pierre.

Our aim is to entice members to try new and unusual wines, as well as the rare and iconic. We offer excellent food, exquisite wine, sparkling conversations, in a convivial setting.

Further expert guidance is available from our master sommelier and team of wine professionals, whose aim is to engage with and inspire gasts as they make their selections – whatever their level of wine knowledge.

Great wine deserves great food

Pierre is the place to pull that cork instead of forever being locked away in the cellar. Pierre is creating a wine lover community with people from various backgrounds. The pricing of Pierre wine list is a fundamental premise of the Embassy.

To a significant degree, disappointment at being unable to enjoy fine wine at sensible prices is what originally moved me to found The Embassy of Wine – Pierre. Unlike most wine list around the world, Pierre’s works on the basis of a small cash mark-up, rather than a multiple of the cost price. So for those who want to share and try the finest and rarest wines for a reasonable price, Pierre is the place to be.

We offer excellent food, exquisite wine, sparkling conversations, in a convivial setting. Great wine deserves great food. Our Head Chef Ted Pastenema Ferreira and his team have created a modern menu to complete our extensive wine list.


Pierre From Inside


Wine Cellar



Immediately upon entry you will feel the cozy atmosphere. Left and right comfortable benches surrounded by a great collection of French wines, and a beautiful bar made of French oak wood. Please feel free to enter our beautiful property at the Denneweg. Take a look at the unique wine cellar as well. You’re welcome.